Tuesday, March 30, 2010

America for President in 2022

Due to the Constitution, which the government apparently doesn't have to uphold, I have to wait until I am thirty five years old to run for President. And seeing that in 2022 we will most likely be dealing with the same problems as now, or the resulting consequences of today's missteps; I have decided to start my campaign now!

I am running on the platforms of reform and change. (I guess that's a Black thing.)

For far too long we have been letting poeple tell us to make hard choices and hard decisions, whose hardest decision is the Bahamas or Hawaii. Telling us to sacrifice, when they trade dignity for dollars, rights for stock options and the wants of the people they represent for the wants of lobbyist. This has to stop. This will stop.

Let's be completely honest, the executive branch is a mockery of what it used to be, and the office of President has become a figure head. Due to the rise of the fourth branch of our government, the lobbyist, and the increase in political kickbacks from corporations, our government is now deeply rooted in capitocracy. The only way to vote is with the dollar ballot, and for the middle class and lower, that means they are not represented. The legislative branch rules the government, and they only answer to themselves. Look at the Democratic parties inability to pass a square peg through a square hole, with a landslide majority. They have forgotten who they are working for, what they are working for.

It's time for a reminder. It's about the greater good. The good for the greater portion of the nation, not the lesser few. So it's time we not only take back our presidency, but we take back our government. In 2022, I nominate myself, you, my family, us, my country, America for President.

Now being honest, it's gonna be real hard for America to win the Presidency. As stated before the government doesn't even belong to the country. We might as well change our name from the United States of America, to the American Union. Because like the EU, our currency seems to be the only thing keeping us together, and we all know how healthy our currency is. Some may be offended by what I have just said, but it is the truth. We do not act like a country. A country fights together, sweats together, lives together...is together.

We have allowed television pundits to become the political consciousness of the country. Trading progressive ideas, laws, and policies for higher ratings. Producers and writes have become the authors of history and they are devaluing and disrespecting the government and its officials, and are belittling the education and ability of its viewers. The hardworking citizens of this country, in their own homes.No one can come into my home and just tell me anything. Not in my house. And not in our house anymore.

We are to blame, yes America is to blame. We have become so politically apathetic and weak over the years, that we handed over the reigns to wolves. We feel it's pointless. We feel it's hopeless, but we we know that we want to change it. So now is the time to change it.

If I am elected president, America will become the President. Not the People's president, but the Presidency of the People. I will not let the news, entertainment industry, government, corporations and lobbyist steer me. My worry isn't about the monetary deficit, but the moral deficit that we have accumulated. The deficit in equality across race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion and color. The deficit in opportunities for Americans to provide for themselves and their families. And the deficit in how we treat one another as Americans and neighbors in our shared great nation. But I cannot do it alone, and I will not do it alone. We will all do it together or we cannot do it all. We will unite in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties first so that we can truly unites as states of America to show the world why we were and will always be the light of the world.

Red + Blue = Purple

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