Tuesday, April 26, 2011



In 30 years the Black Culture/Experience will be relic and only referenced by Top 100 Radio, Blogsite Archives and blurbs in liberal textbooks #conservativesdontcareaboutblackpeople

With a faithless spiritual compass, un-recognizable cultural map, and un-learned racial history, the Black Identity will be un- and in-identifiable.

The Black Identity in America has been in a losing war since Integration, The Assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , the movie The Mack and the 1980s Crack Epidemic/Reganomics.

These four events together and overtime has wilted, eroded and eradicated the strong, spiritual, communal and persevering Black-Negro-Colored pride and identity, wrought on the whipped and sunburned backs of slaves kidnapped from Mother Africa.

While many aging Civil Rights Leaders, Elders and educated and inspired scholar fight everyday to not only restore it and re-forge it, the Black Identity is losing. With its biggest foe within its own camp, Fighting a war on two fronts, internal & external, has weakened it and led to the tea-ing and the creaming of the coffee.

Moreover, The emerging Global Economy has reared Classism. Suburban Black Kids find more equality in Suburban White Kids than Poorer Kids, especially ones who are Black #aintneverplayedHIDEngoGETIT

The creaming of the coffee seems to some as a realization of Kings Dream, but the de-Blacking our race had lead to our current delusion concurrent dilution and eventual disillusion


In our pursuit of American happiness we have adopted the Anglo-Saxon value of individualism. Neglecting our tribal/communal instincts/culture as members of the African Diaspora.

Why did we let US become I. Unity's power hasn't diminished #greatestweaponever, but OUR lack of understanding US & sacrifice for US has relegated it to scholarship essay prompts and Black History Month fodder

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BARACK OBAMA does not evoke the same familiarity that Jesse Jackson does #rootothebruhs, but his lucky struggle to the top is detailed in every NBA/NFL athlete's bio and every platinum #nowadaysgold rappers album

Read PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BARACK OBAMA'S book The Audacity of Hope and then listen to Hov's Reasonable Doubt, they parallel in so many ways. But instead of internalizing both these great stories and conceive "The Audacity of Doubt." Young Black People have bear the illegitimate "Reasonable Hope".

The Audacity of Hope to the streets is the Reality of Dope. Dime bags don't beget diamonds, but dying. Suicide, Homicide and Genocide, all at the same time. Same suspects same victims, the news is a deja vu of yesterday and tomorrow.

It's sad that I can call another Black Man "Brother" now a days & he reply "I'm sorry you have the wrong person". Yes I do sir, Brother not estranged, but strangers

It has even poisoned Africa, the Cradle of Humanity has become the grave of insanity. Most Africans know atleast 3 languages in an social effort to better understand each other. But in a world where only money talks, the canon is currency. And the Dollar Dictatorship has sunk many parts of our beautiful ancestry into a pit of blood, tears, and disease.

Our lack of Spiritual Backbone has turned us into invertebrates, wings of fear flying till we fall, because we are unable to step on the foundation of faith.




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